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Sep 17, 2019

PM Modi's arrival in Ahmedabad will intensify Narmada's stand in Cavadia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Ahmedabad airport at 9 pm on Monday. Prime Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel and Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja and BJP state president Jitubhai Waghani welcomed the Prime Minister at this time. Tomorrow is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday. On the other hand, the Narmada Dam, which is considered as Gujarat's livelihood, has been filled to its highest level ie 138.68 meters which has created a new history in Gujarat.
At 7am tomorrow, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit his mother Hiraba, who lives in Raisan near Gandhinagar and receive his blessings, then he will leave for Kewadia where he will boil water of Narmada Maiya, he will perform shrimpal and puddha and puddha puddha and chandadhi inside Narmada Dam. Sources say that whenever Prime Minister Modi meets with top leaders, including the Chief Minister When the time comes, they will get a seat and get their opinion on the new traffic rules and the protests that follow, and then provide the necessary guidance.
On PM Modi's visit to Gujarat, Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja said that the Sardar Sarovar Dam of Gujarat's Jivadori Narmada project has filled more than 138 meters of its surface and opened the gates of prosperity of the state, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present on the 17th. Goddess Narmada will be greeted by attending the Narmada Festival . The single-use plastic used in daily life will be collected in rivers, streams, lakes, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am on the occasion of the Naamami Devi Narmade Festival, which is being held on the occasion of the Prime Minister's birthday. It has also asked the state government to engage the citizens in tree planting programs to maintain sanitation and to preserve the environment.

CM and Deputy CM to attend 'Namami Devi Narmade Festival'
Minister Jadeja added that Chief Minister Vijay Rupath has named Chief Minister Vijay Rupath as Chief Minister and celebrated the 'Namma Devi Narmade Mahotsav' on the occasion of the auspicious completion of the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the 70th birthday of the Prime Minister in his own hard work and masculine guidance. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel, along with other dignitaries will be present at this key event organized at Kewadia and Narmada Nir will be greeted.

PM Modi will conduct worship at the Dutt temple in Garudeshwar
Minister Jadeja added that the Prime Minister will visit various projects like river rafting, Jungle Safari Park, Butterfly Garden, Ekta Nursery, Vishwan to visit Pujya Sabha in Garudaswara and will hold a public rally in the city.

All district headquarters organized the program
He further added that the Narmada Dam today has a total surface area of ​​138.68 meters. The people of Gujarat are witnessing the enthusiasm of raising Narmada's water from the Naamami Devi Narmada Festival. In the inspiring presence of dignitaries including members of the Cabinet all over the state, major programs and taluka establishments have also organized programs at all the district headquarters. Not only that, all the political leaders will be present at the Namami Devi Narmade Festival for all district panchayat seats.

Narmada Neer's greetings in the morning and in the villages and towns
Minister Jadeja further said that in the villages and towns across the state, in the morning Lokmata, Narmada Nir's widow Shrimphal Chundi will be offered with Maharabati. Besides, cleaning of water resources like river banks, lakes, check dams will also be undertaken. Along with this, the tree planting programs in recognition of the concept of Green Gujarat are also to be organized under this festival.

Folk singers and artists will perform the songs
Folk artists, folk singers, Gujarati film artists, prominent folk artists will also be presenting the music festival of the Narmada Maiya water song in district publications and metropolitan cities. Veteran sadhus, saints, clergymen, heads of service organizations as well as distinguished personalities from various fields will also be involved in this Janumang festival. When we come together in our courtyard, we should raise it and get the archive for the eternal grace of Narmada Maiya, ”he said.

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