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Dec 17, 2019

Where there is no need for your words, it is wisdom to be silent

You also need to understand when to give advice. It is ok to ask for and give advice. It is not fair that no one asks and we give advice. Where there is no need for your words, it is wisdom to remain silent. This is a story of a girl. Once upon a time talking to a self said, you should do so. Hearing this, the girl said, I asked you? He said to himself, "No, you did not ask, but it happened to me that I should say." The girl said, why did you feel that you should say? Who gave you such a right? Do we ever think so much before talking or giving advice to anyone, that I have a right to say so? Sometimes a man, when he is older, believes that I have the right to counsel.

This is the story of a learned man. Its place in the whole society. All the people come to him for advice. Once upon a time, a brother came to consult him before making a decision. The man spoke all the way, arguing in his own way. The man found it true. He questioned, if this scholarly man gives such good advice, then why does the person in his house live in such a way that he is upset? A young man from his family was lying on the road. The brother asked the learned man, "Why don't you give any advice to the young man in your family?" The reason is that he never asks for anything, said the wise man. If asked, I will give a definite answer. How to believe what you don't ask?

No one can convince those who do not believe. We are often told that I am tired of explaining it to anyone, but where does one have to admit it? It has to be assumed! If we know that this person is not going to believe what I am about to say, then we are incapable of explaining it. We even sometimes say in anger that if I have to listen to you, then respect me, do what you think is right! By trying to convince some people we are wasting our energy.

It is not necessary for all to obey us. Trying to convince us to speak is also a form of oppression. Even if someone asks, telling us what we think is right, then believing it or not, leaving it at that. Even if they do not believe it and are wrong in their decision, it is not fair to say that I already told you. Where was your belief? Now enjoy yourself! This is a father-son story. In one case the father advised the son. Son said in good language, Dad, I don't think you are right. Do I do what I think is right? The father was understanding. He said, "If you do not feel right about me, then you should definitely do what you think is right." Granted, I may be wrong! The son made his own decision. It did not happen as the son had anticipated.

The son came to the father and said, "I was wrong. My decision was not correct. Father said, It's OK. Not every decision is necessarily justified. The son asked, "Don't you think that I did not obey you?" The father said, 'No, I did not think so. What the Father spoke next was even more important. He said that it is also the duty of parents to give their children the right to make mistakes. Mistakes do happen. Mistake is also a kind of education, which teaches us where to find the wrong trail and what to do to prevent it from happening in the future.

Every man knows what his duty is. They just have to be careful, what is the limit of duty? He who knows where to hang is the wise man. There is also an extent to which you need to put a full stop in giving advice or guidance. Everyone has his own life. True freedom is to allow our people to make whatever decisions they like. The coach's job is to guide the player right off the field. After the game starts, the player has to play on his own on the playground The player has to decide on which ball to play and which ball to hit the Sixers with. While giving advice, it is also important to explain that I believe what I say. It does not have to be true and does not have to be true. The true relationship is the one in which our person knows that, no matter what happens, you will be with him in every situation. It is an excellent feeling to have the same relationship with our hands when we have to wipe tears or hold back.

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