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Jan 4, 2020

The circular was a matter of checking the vowel speed of students of standard 3 to 8

In the process, it is the process of delineating and interpreting the sound (pronunciation) of an image emitted by the eye, such as the letters, words, pictures, symbols or symbols of the content of the sentence. Ability to interpret or the reader may differ; Also, the meaning of the word changes depending on the context. Readers' experiences differ from those of the author, as the reader may sometimes think differently than the author. E.g. Harindra Dave's poem "You saw the green leaf and you reme

mber it." So, by looking at the green leaf, one can remember the process of photosynthesis and the nature of the teacher who taught it.
Thus, the reader rationalizes the whole process of interpretation. Reading is therefore considered a reflective process. R.L. According to Thundaise, "reading is a process of logic." According to Federick B. David, reading is a process of logic. There are two types of this process.
1. Collecting the ideas in the text, the act of connecting the relationships between them.
2. The power to guess correctly from text, which is something more than mere word.
Thus reading cannot be tied to a definition. Reading is a complex process. Which involves the technical process of seeing words and symbols as well as the intellectual process of interpreting and guessing. Which involves the entire nervous system from the visual to the brain.
Types of Reading:
In terms of reading process and purpose, the following types can be given:
(2) In terms of process:
૧. Oral reading and silent reading
૨. Individual reading and group reading
૩. Standardized reading and precision reading
(3) For the purpose:
૧. Reading for entertainment
૨. Informative reading
૩. Reading for problem solving
૪. Critical reading
૫. Creative reading
Tips for reading speed and reflection development:
Reading is a tool that leads to creative. The teacher should strive to develop the creativity of the students, not just assign them a choppy task like reading a lesson. For this purpose, under the new syllabus implemented in BAd from the academic year 2016, two types of activities were undertaken to improve the reading comprehension of the trainees, to increase reading speed and to develop critical thinking.
1. The following activities were tried at the beginning of class education as well as before the prayer meeting to reduce the reading errors of the students and to increase the reading speed.

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