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Mar 13, 2020

GSET December 2019 Final answer key and download the result

The mind and the brain are the two parts of our being, which make and express our personality. The saint is the one who has control over the mind and the brain. A man's brain escapes into small talk.
Someone pressed the trigger, the man blazed. Every man is carrying ammo. Some have more ammunition in some. Where are we short of sparrows? Explosion is distortion. If nature slips, distortion is infiltrated. Nature is never distorted. We let it deform. Ingenuity and lightness keep nature pure. How light are we? Most of the time, we carry on with the load of the species. We are going to put a burden on someone every day. After complaining of extreme cold, we complain that there is no relaxation!

A doctor friend just said one thing. An international doctor's conference was held in the United States. The revolution that will create technology in the medical world is discussed. Now the robot will undergo surgery. The world's best doctors will operate a robot sitting in its chamber in any country of the world. There will also be instances where a doctor is operating in several countries simultaneously. One senior doctor finally got up to speak at the conference. What he said is understandable. All the doctors clamored for the medical revolution and increased them. Before concluding his speech, he said, “One last thing I want to do is talk. The changes that are coming to the medical world will increase people's longevity. Age will be longer. He then asked. Age will be long, but will life be like that? No technology can guarantee the beauty of life. Life has to be made like a human being by itself. We can prolong life. You must stay alive!

There was a doctor who treated serious illnesses. It is said of a very clever doctor, that it brings back the men who have approached death. Fill out a form with the patient who comes to the doctor. Ask the patient, if you write in this form, how do you survive if you survive? What is left over in life? Each patient wrote in his own heart. If I survive, I'll spend enough time with my family. I will play with my son and daughter's children. Someone told me to finish his hobbies, some even said that I would go to the people who were hurt and apologize to me. One patient said it would increase the laugh a bit. The story of the species became known. I will not complain about life. Will work without gilt.

The doctor does the operation. When the patient leaves on leave, the doctor returns the same form to the patient. Tell the patient, when you come back, tick what you wrote in this form and tell them how much you lived like you wrote. The doctor said, "Not a single person wrote that if I survived, I would take revenge on what I wanted to do." I will destroy my enemy. I'll make more money. Will keep myself more busy. Everyone's view of life was different. The doctor asked, who stopped you from living like this when you were healed? Where is it still late?

Think for a moment, how much is left in your life that you want to live? Just start living that way. The real thing is that life is about to end with no regrets! Don't feel like I've lived my life the way I did!

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