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Mar 1, 2020

Social Science Navneet Std.8 Soft Copy

What is the leading cause of divorce? Wedding! We have all heard this saying so lightly. The true resonances of divorces vary. One of
the reasons why it is so straightforward and easy to give is that the roads intersect when two people do not bite or stumble. There are several reasons why it doesn't work. The reasons are quite different. Divorces continue to happen, from really serious causes to absurd reasons. Divorce requests have also been made, given the reason that my husband is very snoring. This is a very true case of Mumbai. The marriage of a girl living in Juhu happened to a boy in Ghatkopar. The girl did not enjoy being in Ghatkopar. The girl told her husband, "You can either sell this house and take it to Juhu, otherwise you will have a divorce." 

Many young women do not have a mother-in-law, so she leaves her husband. Some of the reasons are really generic. What can a woman do if her husband is seduced and his wife is forbidden? Divorce is still a taboo in our society today. Everyone is interested in talking about divorces. See? It was loose. It is seldom heard that both went well, neither of them enjoyed living.

We are often talking about humor. We do not consider mental abuse to be so. A man who does not even touch his wife can speak, move, and be cruel to his behavior. Even ideological, ideological and cultural differences are not a small cause of divorces. Recently, Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, made a statement that divorce cases had increased. People fight for the cause. Such incidents occur more and more in educated and wealthy families. Pride comes from education and wealth. Film actress Sonam Kapoor tweeted, "Which wise man speaks like this?" Fantastic and silly statement! Bhagwat's statement does not seem to be embracing anyone. Education increases understanding. If that makes sense, what is going wrong with me is the meaning of education. It is not fair to say that divorces occur within the educated and well to do family.

In earlier times women used to suffer after going to Sasar. Tips for believing in a husband as God were provided by parents and family members. Nobody has ever told boys that a wife should be considered a goddess. Many women have lost their lives in the name of values, cultures and ideals and are still happening. Pierre did not go back well enough to get rid of the young girl or die. The young girl is now educated. Understand. Tapshi Pannu is told in the film, that a slap is mine, isn't it? In response, Tapasi says, "Yes, but you cannot kill." When will our society understand this? In many homes today, pigeons live for the sake of living.

There is also talk of the youngsters losing endurance and wit. No one goes away at all. There will be some cases, but today's generation is more intelligent, wise and clear than the previous generation. They have reasonable expectations of each other. The reason is, both earn. Both work hard. After both come home from work, the wife expects that if her husband helps her, what is wrong with her? Even today's boys have no hesitation in helping their wives. Times have changed It is not now that a woman takes care of household chores and earns a husband. The two do everything together. If you do not fall in love, then both are separated from love. Leaving aside allegations, complaints or disputes is also a sign of prudence. I recently read a post on social media. Written above, Happyly Diversified. She also wrote a thank-you note to her husband, saying that you stayed with her for so long. We also couldn't stay together. Wish you a good spouse as well. Along with such cases, there are also cases where one of the two partners tends to appear in the divorce. It made me sad that it made me sad so I won't let you be happy either! In this way too many do not allow chain. Our legal process is equally slow in divorces.

Yes, there has been an increase in divorces cases. Don't fall into the numbers. The truth is, whether a boy or a girl, he has full clarity about his life partner. If not, sit down, talk, get separated, and move on. True and good society will also have to learn to respect such prudence. It doesn't make sense to fight and fight. Divorce is also required to show divorces or to take revenge. If you live together with love and if you cannot stay together then separate from love. There is nothing wrong with separating the mind from living everyday. Lastly just thinking that there really is no way out? No man happily divorces, because no marriage is done to get divorced.

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