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Apr 8, 2020

English Medium Textbook | Standard 6 PDF File | 2020

Every love story has a villain. Most of these villains are family members. People who have grown up with great love before. The
same people do not give their children the right to love. To stop loving your daughter, it is sometimes said that if you have a relationship with her, you will be killed. What parents can't say, Emotional blackmails and says that if you marry them we will commit suicide. There is only one case of our state now. One of the girls married her lover, so her father performed his twelfth ritual and declared that my daughter was now dead. Mental cruelty is more dangerous than physical abuse.
Textbook PDF File 
'Pyaar kiya to darn kya' fame film 'Mughal-e-Azam' was released 60 years ago today. The poster of the film was recently used in Rajasthan after the Law of Honor Killing. Rajasthan became the first state in the country where the law of Honor Killing was enacted. Rajasthan police put up a photo of Mughal-e-Azam on Twitter and wrote with Heart's emoji, "There is no crime of beloved tax." This new law will be used in case of murder or beating of a lover. Life imprisonment and a fine of up to five lakhs have been provisioned. It is a good thing. Something happened. By becoming this law, parents will now allow their offspring to choose their favorite character or even marry the person they love.

How many girls or boys have the courage to face parents? All the parents do not kill or kill, except the one who suffers the mental torture is difficult to bear. A few days ago, a witness of the daughter of Rajesh Mishra, a MLA from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, married her lover Ajit Kumar. The witness is a Brahmin and Ajitesh is a Dalit. The video of the witness's father being beaten up went viral. Despite assurances of court and police protection, Ajitesh was attacked in the Allahabad High Court premises. If our leaders do the same, where to talk to others? After explaining to the MLA by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, he said that the witness should do whatever he wants. It was clear that he had to make such a statement. He could neither forgive nor accept the witness. The witness fell and rebelled against his father and family for his love. Not every girl has such courage. Many girls sit quietly chasing their dreams.
Honorable killings in the country increased by 796 per cent in 2014-15, the Lok Sabha said. Most cases occur in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Exact figures of such honor killings are not available in our country. Corruption panchayats also continue to punish lover couple. In the cases of Honor Killing, there are cases of murder similar to the second murder case. The question is, why is such a law made only in Rajasthan? Why does nothing happen in other states? Are those states waiting for more deaths?

For one thing, the mere making of laws does not end the conversation. More important is the change in people's mindset. One study also says that cases of honor killings occur more in villages or small cities than in cities. Surprisingly, even those who have had lovemares tend to object when it comes to the love of their daughter or son. There has definitely been some improvement over time, but much more is still needed. We just got a case out of Amreli's guess. A couple who had a love affair were caught and killed by the girl's family and burned. The list of such cases is too long. If you listen to the details of the way the boy is killed, the hikers get away. Even cases of suicide by a boy or girl who are unlikely to get married to the person they love are coming out. How to have compassion, to kill, but not allow the boy to live that way. How are we all, a girl and a boy sitting in the garden or somewhere else and we say lost. If the boy and the girl are sitting, the police dismiss him as well. As if those people were not committing a major sin! How Long Do We Understand Youngsters? The failure of a parent is for a boy or girl to flee and marry. We do not even give the children enough room to speak in their hearts. The rest of the lovers have been revolting from ancient times and still have to. When it comes to rebellion, it is more responsible than its parents and society. Lastly, a line from Sahir Ludhianvi's 'Takusui' Ghazal, you have to fight in the world, you have to marry the father of Jahan Kahte in Varna…

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