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Apr 1, 2020

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In today's time, the degree of doubt in relationships is so much that we have questions in everything. Our relationships are not so strong.
Looking at our person online on WhatsApp gets the idea, who will be chatting with? Mobile passwords can sometimes cause suspicion. A young man constantly worries that if no one gets a phone while I am with my wife! I'll be tired of answering. We have become so skeptical that in everything we have to go down. One of the reasons for the stress of today is that we keep on slipping within ourselves. Even if the message is not answered, we become irritated. The man who is surrounded by doubts is himself sad. Our faith is the cause of our happiness. Most people are upset that they have no faith in anyone.
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We have to ask, how much am I impatient for? How much does it cost me? Will he remember or do me? This is a story of a girl. He fell in love with a boy. The group of boys was huge. He met everyone and treated everyone with love. His girlfriend once asked, There are so many people in your life, where am I? The boy said, "You are where you want to be." You are special You are the closest Yet there is one thing, there are other people in my life. I have friends, I have a family, I have work and I have my own space. Proof of attachment is not always required. One of the pitfalls of our life is that we want our person to give us the same imports. However, that is not possible. One man is connected to many people. Relationships all live on different axes.

One thing also needs to be remembered that it is not often that we are loyal. Loyalty also has its own understanding, belief, and
mindset. We all have the same expectation of being like we are. We do not understand or accept that not everyone is like us. There is a limit to friendship. There is also a limit to expectations. There is one thing right now. One girl loved a young man very much. He proposes to the young man. The boy refused to say so. The girl asked the reason. "I just had a breakup," said the young man. The reason for the breakup was that my girlfriend demanded a full day's account from me. Where did he go? What was the matter with? Even so, I didn't mind. I was open-minded about everything. The objection started from there when it began to ask, why do you stay with him so much? Why do you talk about it all? Your Yellow Friend is not reliable at all. If that were true then I would be honored. However, my understanding was telling me that what he was talking about was not fair. When you feel tense to answer, you should get the answer by questioning the relationship.

A person needs to be fully identified before delving deeper into relationships. Some people's temperament is controversial. There are some people who all enjoy cheating. You cannot change anyone's temper. In such cases man has only two options. Either accept that person as they are or get rid of them. It is not easy to accept what everyone is like. If we cannot accept it then it is better to be free. No one can improve a man who does not want to be corrected.

It is not necessary to have every relationship the rest of your life. Nor should it be expected. It is better to detach gracefully than to stay painfully attached. There should be loyalty in relationships. Loyalty remains the same relationship. Even so, you cannot force someone loyal. This is only possible if the person is loyal. Expect the same level of relationship. Not everyone can expect the same kind of intimacy. We should be proud of the lives of those with whom we belong. If you are going to remove it from the other, then there is a chance that it will go away from us. Lastly, when asking for loyalty, ask yourself, how loyal am I?

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