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Jun 26, 2020

Also of scientific benefit to those with religious significance

People who believe in the eternal tradition always wear a red bracelet on their right hand. The wrist is also called kalava as well as mauli. During the puja, Panditji chants the scriptures with his right hand and ties the kandu.
The color red is considered very auspicious by us there. The color red is called the color of auspiciousness. Before buying anything new, worship is done in the house. Kalash is offered. There is a scientific reason behind all this as well as a scientific reason. According to the scriptures, kalava is a string of raw yarn which is red, yellow or then mottled. According to the scriptures, by doing kalava, any work is done easily and there is no hindrance. The tradition of making kalava was started by mother Lakshmiji by tying a raksha to King Bali. Kalava is also called Raksha Sutra. It is said that the red thread in the hand saves from all troubles. Wearing a kandu brings the grace of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Tridev. Those with religious significance also benefit scientifically. Wearing a bracelet helps maintain good health. Pressing the vein connected to the main organ of the body keeps its action under control. This causes tridosha i.e. bile, talk and phlegm. Diseases like heart disease, blood related diseases, diabetes stop. According to astrology, according to astrology, the red planet Mars is strengthened. The red color is auspicious for Mars. Jupiter is strengthened in the horoscope, which brings happiness and wealth in life. A black line should be drawn to strengthen Saturn.

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