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Jul 9, 2020

500 Gk Question by World inbox | Useful For All Exam

Lifestyle has changed over time. All of our lives are becoming sedentary.
What makes you sweat and how much work do you do? Nobody likes to work hard anymore. No matter, everyone has the right to decide why and how to live. The tools that are made in the world are made only for our happiness and our convenience. The only thing to think about is, we don't do anything at the expense of our health, do we? How many calories do you burn every day? How many calories do you burn? There is no problem if you burn the calories we take in, if accumulated it can ruin your health. This rule applies to both men and women.

One question, who burns more calories every day, ladies or gents? According to a recent survey, women in our country burn fewer calories than men. As a result, health and obesity issues are on the rise among women. Fifty percent of the people in the country burn only half of the calories they should burn every day. The number of women is also high. A survey conducted by a health app on Physical Activity Levels of Indians found that 53 per cent of women burn less than fifty per cent of their calories. 44% of men burn less than half the calories. Men burn an average of 476 calories per day and women burn an average of 374 calories per day. Thirty percent of men burn more than 80 percent of their calories. There are many other figures in the survey, but don't fall into them. It's about physical activity and health. One is that we all burn more calories every day than we need. Consumption of unhealthy food has increased. Calories are not burned so lifestyle diseases are on the rise. Hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol have become very common. Doctors say, you eat healthy food. The traditional food we have is the BEST. Avoid fast food culture. So we all know this. The problem is that we don't take this seriously.

There are many reasons why women burn fewer calories. In earlier times women used to do housework. The women's physical activity was such that they did not have to worry about burning calories. Now technology has reduced women's work or let's say it has been done easily. Clothes used to be washed by hand, now the washing machine works. Flour had to be ground by weaving grain, now only flour is ready. Cleaning equipment has also arrived. Before we had to go to fetch water, now there are taps in every house. All this is like being happy. It is a good thing that women's work is declining. The question is of physical labor. Most households now have a sister or a brother who works for the household. Doctors say, if you don't do housework, nothing, but go to the gym to burn calories. You accumulate layers of fat while sitting at home. There are also causes of hormonal changes in women. Now women are doing job or business. Naturally, if you have come to work outside, then you need peace at home. It is not at all intended to say that women have become lazy. Women are becoming more productive, but this has reduced their physical activity. In the past, there was a good deal of manipulation. Now people are either sitting at home in front of the TV or sitting with their mobiles. It increases obesity. Speaking of women, men are not very happy. The percentage of males is slightly lower than that of females. The biggest problem of men is growing belly. It is also a matter of concern that fifty percent of the people do not do any physical activity at all. Our eyes open only when the doctor says so. We only go for walks when we have to. People enthusiastically join the gym, but very few continue. We have all been using technology for work. Now some technology needs to be used for our health as well. There are a bunch of apps that keep track of your calories and also alert you. Many of us download such apps, but then do not bother to open them. There is a saying among us that the first happiness is Narya itself. Only when you are in good health will you enjoy living and feel happy. Think about it, how many calories do you consume and how many do you burn every day? Don't just think, do some physical activity

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