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Nov 3, 2021

subh muhurt of diwali 2021

 subh muhurt of diwali 2021

દિવાળી ના શુભ મુહુર્ત

Diwali begins with Rama Ekadashi on Wednesday. The festivals of Diwali this year have an eclipse of dates, due to which the date of Dhanteras-Kalichaudash and the date of Kalichaudash-Diwali fall on the same day.

The five-day Dipotsav festival is starting from today. In some places this festival starts from Rama Ekadashi. Due to the difference in the calendar, there is confusion about Dhanteras this time. A few will celebrate the festival on November 12 and a few on November 13. According to astrologers from Varanasi, Tirupati and Ujjain, the thirteenth date this year will start on the evening of November 12 and will last till around 3 pm on November 13.

Due to this, November 12 is the thirteenth date in the pollution season, so on this evening, Dhanteras festival should be celebrated by worshiping Lord Dhanvantari and lighting the Yama Deepak. If you want to shop on the thirteenth date, you can do so on November 13th.

Thus Dhanteras can be purchased for 2 days. The 14th date will then start on the 13th and will last till about 1.25 pm on the 14th. Then Amas will start and on the 14th Kalichaudash and Diwali will be celebrated. On the 15th there will be Govardhan Puja and on the 16th there will be Bhai Beej Parva.

A special day with Dhanteras unseen moments: -

According to scholars, Dhanteras will be the best time for shopping in the evening with worship of Lakshmi and Kubera and Yama Dipdan. Shopping can be done all day as there is a tradition of shopping on the day of Dhanteras.

મહાલક્ષ્મી પુજા વિધી ગુજરાતીમાંં વાંચો 

It is auspicious to buy silver coins, Ganesha and Lakshmi statues on this day for the sake of keeping the family intact, as well as the tradition of buying gold and silver items. Apart from this it is customary to buy brass, bronze, steel and copper utensils.

Dhanvantari also appeared on this day, which is why this day is called Dhanteras. In Samudra Manthan, Lord Dhanvantari brought nectar in a kalash, so metal utensils are bought on this day.

Another puja performed on Diwali

Along with Diwali Lakshmiji, Delhi Vinayak (Sriganesha), Kalam, Saraswati, Kubera and Deepak are also worshiped. According to scriptures, this is a part of Deepavali worship. His worship brings happiness, prosperity, intelligence and auspiciousness. Simultaneously, the worship of the lamp destroys all kinds of sorrows and sins.

Dehli Vinayak Puja

Write om sriganeshay namah, swastika symbol, auspicious benefit on the walls of the shop or office with vermilion and while writing go chant om dehlivinayakaya namah mantra, worship with pooja material and flower at the same time.

Mahakali (medicine) worship

Place the medicine (ink pot) on the flower and rice near Mahalakshmi. Put vermilion on it and give Mauli (Nadachadi) ring. Rather than chanting Om Srimahakalyai Namah, perform puja by completing the worship of ink pots and Mahakali with fragrant objects and flowers.

Worship of the article

Tie Mauli (Nadachadi) on the article (Kalam) and keep it in front and chant Om Lekhnisthayai Devyai Namah Mantra and worship by smelling, flower, rice

Vahikhata Pujan

Draw a swastika with kanku or saffron-sandalwood on the vahikhata. Put five lumps of turmeric, coriander, lotus, rice, durva and a few rupees on it.


Meditate on Kubera by drawing a swastika on the vault or place to keep money. Aum Kuberaya Namah Worship with worship material and flowers while speaking. Instead of praying after pooja, keep turmeric, sandalwood, saffron, coriander, lotus, rupee and Durva in the treasury. Then pray to Kuber for money.

The date of Diwali starts from 2.18 pm on Saturday, November 14, and will last till 10.37 am on Sunday, November 15. In the meantime, New Year's Chopda Pujan, Lakshmi Pujan can be performed.

Sunday will be the due date as the date is not available. It is considered inauspicious to start a New Year's business on the fall day. Doing muhurat on this day does not keep the business afloat.

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