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Apr 29, 2022

Practise having an English conversation to improve your English


Practise having an English conversation to improve your English

  • Do you need to practise your English more?
  • Do you want to practise having conversations?
  • Do you have a hard time finding someone to practise English with?

Then this app is perfect for you.  We provide hundreds of lessons designed to give you great English conversation practise.

In order to improve your English conversation, you need to improve your listening, understanding, and speaking.  With the great features we added, you will definitely improve your English conversation skills.

Why ConveGenius?

ConveGenius's AI-based chatbot provides weekly quizzes for you based on your very own classroom schedule! We have partnered with your State to provide you with highly relevant quizzes and remedial videos.

ConveGenius talks to you in your languages like a teacher, parent, or friend.

ConveGenius sends you 3 quizzes weekly so that you have the time and energy to learn at your own pace without being overwhelmed.

We have over 200 English conversation lessons, which includes the following:

- Listening exercises to improve your listening
- Quizzes to help you understand
- Conversation practise feature to improve your speaking
Conversation recording tool to track your progress

This is the best app to practise your English conversation.  Try for yourself and start improving today!

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