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Jan 23, 2019

Basic Computer Book PDF Download

Education plays an important role in making our brain a new direction and as technology has changed in other aspects of life, technology has played an important role in transforming education. In addition, the computer and the Internet search have delivered education to a new level. Today, the internet that is at your fingertips is making you more information than a library.

Today the speed of spread of information is increasing day by day. The reason is, technology Technology has also entered schools and today most of the school's classrooms (classrooms) have changed shape. If the technology is provided at the school level, the electronic board has replaced the blackboard, e-learning has been replaced by books, instead of pen, the key board is being used, homework is also given online and deposited. At the same time you do not have to wait any more for the grade you have received, you get to know immediately online grade. Today, education system is created with the help of internet, computer and mobile which allows the student to get education from school and college even after traveling from home and from anywhere. The twenty-four hours of the day and the educational material that can not be available on the day of the week can be generated through ICT. ICT has become more buoyant in the field of education. In order to make classroom education effective, teachers use visual aids. The teaching work on the computer. So the students will remain interested in education.
The importance of ICT in education is as follows.Increase the effectiveness of the chapter.Use of innovative educational methods
To overcome the speed of knowledge

  • For distant education
  • Development of cognitive power
  • Making knowledge exchange easy and interesting
  • Achievement of educational goals
  • Classroom use of various tools
  • For job information
  • Education for the disabled children
  • Development of self learning education methods
  •  Removes student's resentment
  • Keep the atmosphere alive in the classroom
  • Awareness towards various diseases
To provide individual-collective education.

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