Jan 23, 2019

GPSC Exam Calender 2019 Declair

Not only Gujarat but students from all over the country are preparing for competitive exams like GPSC and UPSC. So it is important to know about this matter. 

There are many recruitments by the Government of Gujarat and the Government of India. As well as a large number of students are preparing for these exams. There is a big problem for the students from the survey that how to prepare and where to do, where to read the books. At present, the student goes to Classics not getting the right direction. Where the money often means money. So today we are going to tell you about the preparation of such exams. A habit of reading various daily news papers which include special attention to national and international news, as well as if any important news is found, In order to write, it can be repeated again and at the end of the year, in December, a supplement is published with the events made in the year That's inevitably read. Watch TV also with TV news

At present, India has seen a series of search and constitutional names in India. From this you will be able to understand the history of India, geography, agriculture, industries, art, literature, culture and the composition of the Constitution. Apart from this, the lecture of Anuj Garg and Mrinal Patel is also very good and easy to explain in a simple language.
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