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Jan 2, 2019

Gujarati Std.9 First & Second Language PDF

A small village of Ankalav Taluka of Anand district Every child who studied in English medium seemed like a dream. There is not a single English medium school in the entire taluka. If the Wali also wants to study the children in the English medium then they have to take an Admission in Anand's private school and the village parents can not afford it. At that time, the government talked of introducing English medium in the village of Mukuwawa in 2013 and soon afterwards the children of this village were studying in English medium. At that time every guard of the village saw dreams of speaking Chatter-Putter in English like a child of English medium, studying in a private school after reading his child. This is an English medium school, which is the only government in Anand district, for children from surrounding villages in the village of Mukujuwa. In 2013, the English medium was started and children also learned to be educated, but sometimes the problem of sitting sometimes, due to lack of teachers, the students were constantly in trouble. Despite the efforts of school staff and teacher staff, he worked hard for the children, but at the end it was the second session of the school this year and now even though the examinations have been completed, children from standard 6 and 8 are said to be deprived of books. On April 12, 2018, students had an English subject paper at 8 in the morning and the school book for children in this school came on April 11, 2018, at three in the afternoon. Now the students had gone home by giving the exam paper and how would the child prepare for the whole year even if he had not gone home. There was no meaning of giving the book on the examination day or it was only to prove that its responsibility was delayed late.

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