Jan 2, 2019

Std.9 HIndi First and Second Language Textbook PDF

Mathematics and science books courses in standard 1 to 8 and 9 to 11 are changing from Last year. An estimated 1.5 million books are printed by Textbook Board. Last year, all the government schools in the state were compelled to register the demand for textbooks and demand online, due to the success of this, it has now been mandated to book orders of textbooks for booksellers, merchants and distributors online and payment is also made online. . Currently, there is a rage of parents in the whole state. Like a film screenwriter, the Provisional Fee Committee was formed in accordance with the Supreme Court directive and this committee fixed the fee. In which parents are found to be cheated. This is a matter of fees, but in Gujarat many such plays like Gunotsav, Admotoshav, millions of rupees are made in smoke, but when it comes to government school book distribution, Thagataiya is done. The serious and important thing is that the education department is compromising students' future. Even though the stomach's water does not move in the system. Governance makes false and big talk. It seems that the work of deceiving people is going on. It is inevitable to criticize the administration here, because the education department is inactive despite the tampering of the students' future. Students are deprived of the English and mathematics books, which are important, even though the exams are started in the village Muklavaava of Ankalav taluka of Anand district. So far, the students would have gone to give exams without the book itself. The question is, what did the administration do all year?

Textbook Board Executive Director Nitin Pethani said that new courses have been translated into books. Translated without the change of CBSE books. It is currently under investigation. Books will begin to be printed by the end of the month and online orders 
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