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Jan 13, 2019

Gujarati Vyakaran PDF | Samanarthi | Virodhi | Anekarthi Shabd

Learning English is also an essential guide to writing and reading your mother tongue. If we want to understand our culture, scriptures and literature in a deeper sense, then it may not be possible in other languages ​​as effectively as possible through mother tongue. To maintain the heritage of our rich mother tongue, to study our literature, poetry, folk songs, to teach mother tongue is very important. If our young generation with English understands the magnificence of our language and gets beautiful control, then the scent of gold is mixed. Love will improve with hometown, understanding parental thinking can be equally useful and it will help in getting closer.
There is a great system to learn mother tongue in this country. Parents encouraged their children and benefitted from convenience. Hence, the graduates of Gujarat have to take satisfaction in finding jobs in Gujarat. Due to the dominance of English language only, graduates of other cities or states can easily get jobs. Here in the UK, many children and families of the families of the next generation have studied in Gujarati Vyakaran PDFEnglish medium, but their parents only know Gujarati. So the children learn Gujarati mother tongue, and if there is nothing wrong in them.

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