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Jan 12, 2019

Swami Vivekanand Life Story PDF & Video

Known for the adoration of Narendranath force during the years of waxing. His nickname 'Bille' was in his childhood. It may be assumed that the original Vireeshwar and then Narendranath name have been given this ducky name due to being difficult or prolonged. Bale was given a big Bengali drama on the life of Vivekananda. Billy was healthy. He had plenty of sports, climbs on trees, suffered injuries. He started his gymnasium at his home stadium. But while exercising, a cousin's hand was broken by his uncle, and he stopped the gymnasium. Then he went to Biloghal's gymnasium near Bilhe home. He also learned things such as betting, looting, wrestling and boat riding. Once, Billley also received the first prize in sports.
Not only in adolescence or youth, but the whole body of life was an important thing for Vivekananda. After returning from a foreign country, he remained Darjeeling and Alamoda for the rest and air of lonely health. In his letters of the same time, there is often talk of exercise and wellness. For example, he writes on April 28, 1997, from Darjeeling, Mary Hale: "If you look at me as if you jump on a rock from the rock or jump from the mountain cadets, then you are surprised." Vivekananda writes on June 20 that same year: 'Now I am healthy, I am going to be extraordinarily skilled in horse riding, and at one time twenty to thirty miles of dizziness But there is absolutely no pain or tiredness. Due to fear of becoming thick, milk has left over. '

Here, note that these letters have been written in the stages that when they had many disabilities including nudranash. It is read in the book 'Monk as man' (2011), by Shankar, a well-known West Bengal writer. In the letter written by the follower Toryanand on September 1, 1900, Swami says: 'I am sometimes gd, sometimes not. But in the morning I do a lot of exercise and then I am taking cold water. ' 

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