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Jan 14, 2019

Jaher Vahivat Book PDF File

Public administration and Constitution of India Development of Indian Constitution Different Act by time to run systematically governing the system in India by the British. Passed. All the Acts used in the formation of the Constitution of India. 

According to Karmachari Gana Prabhag, related to the office of the Governor of the Governor, related to the meeting of the Secretary of State, related to the offices of the officers of the AICC, the budget related to the budget, the Gujarat Public Service Commission, the Minor Selection Choice Board, the State Election, The Gujarat Civil Services Tribunal, the departmental inquiry related to the special investigation officer is done. The task of direct recruitment, promotion, change, accounting of policy related rules, and guidance to other departments is also done. The work related to the establishment / staffing of Secretariat service officials and employees is also done by this Division. Apart from this, the government's working rules, i.e. for admission to the Secretariat. The work related to card and entry-related operations, functioning of the protocol, employee welfare and pension of freedom fighters is also done by this Division.
The performance of four fundamental organs of planning process, plan planning, implementation, regulation of progress and evaluation of important projects is done by Planning Division. According to the strategy adopted by the National Development Council (NDC) and Planning Commission, Government of India, according to the strategic plans of Gujarat State and as part of its annual development plans, draft development programs and final releases and finalized final year plan / development program as budget publication Doing is done

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