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Jan 14, 2019

Science Imp points PDF file

When we talk about technology, technology means that whatever the things humans have created for their needs, technology can be included in the technology. Our purpose here is with the production methods that make things happen. When we look around us, anything that is found around us is created by technology. In the present day, new scientific discoveries are taking place everyday. In the market everyday, new TVs of new models, fridge, AC, mobile phones, computers, motorcycles, cars etc. are getting over. As with all these things, the market has filled itself, our house has also been filled with many of these things. That is why, the modern age is called the era of science and technology.
Today everyone wants a home that has the convenience of all the material items of the present time. Material happiness facilities such as TV, fridge, AC, mobile phone, computer, washing machine etc. have become our requirement and we can not even imagine living without it. We all know that if the lights go off during the heat season, how many people are annoyed? Because, the cooler of the fan or AC cooler, fridge or cooler can not be found without light, which has now become a habit for us. In today's world human imagination can not be conceived without these material comforts. In the present time, the latest technology has made humans dependent on themselves so that they are constantly running to achieve it. Its happiness, peace, satisfaction, everything has been snatched away!
In the modern times the country is considered as technologically sensitive, as it is considered to be developed, developed or under-developed. Or, the country is considered as equally prosperous in terms of technology. In today's scientific era, we have to take technology support for the war or battles that are not fought with elephants, horses or humans. Today the war is fought by using tanks, missiles, rockets, fighter aircraft, helicopters, etc. Radar is used to prevent aircraft from attacking bombs, projectiles and weapons. That is, we depend on our new technology for our safety. Not only that, we also get information about the security of other countries of our country, through the satellite, rocket.

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