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Jan 16, 2019

Statue of Unity Detail in Gujarati PDF

On 31 October, after the independence, the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's 143rd birth anniversary as a symbol of solidarity built in the country. In this auspicious occasion, he has also been offered a unique gift as a tribute to which the dancer has begun to enter the whole world. After reading this much, if you had such a thought then it would have been a thought that birthday is gone. But when this idea was seen by looking at the political environment of the current period, it became a mind blowing in words.
To give a dignified welcome to Sardar Patel, Gujarat's Chief Minister and Prime Minister of the present-day Narendra Modi, the Statue of Unity, has been named as the world's tallest statue. This puts India ahead of the world one step. If India comes second in the population, then this statue of a man of iron gives India the first place.
At present The Statue of Unity has become a topic of discussion for everybody, in which it is a subject of interest for the public, as well as the place of people's thinking as a place to be selected as a worthy and a place to visit in Diwali.
Let's talk about Sardar Patel, after India's independence, India made India an indigenous nation by preventing Pakistan's split from Pakistan. And that is why Sardar Patel has become a leader of the community and has become a popular leader of the whole country. At that time, how good is the Sardar Patel group to stick to such things as his birthdate? Apart from this, the leaders and community members supported the Run for Unity in the city, more than that, there was a crowd of Sardar Patel group rallies showing an open state game. The person who fought against the English language for the farmers of the country and became a Lokladiya as a male and played a key role in making the country an indigenous India, despite being proved that no one is alone, a big political party is being played in the name of such an era man.

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