Jan 16, 2019

Lekhan Method in Gujarati PDF

Employees in uniformly terminology and circular appraisal With the aim of getting guidance and guidance, the Directorate of Languages It is releasing useful publications. In this "government writing system". The book is a very encouraging publication. Students learn to write applications and write government circulars and government jobs or public life writing. Understand the importance If we can be considered as part of punctuation, then we will leave the work of Gujarati language and literature on the subject. However, instead of discussing any such shallow situation on my side, I have established my opinion here that 'brackets' can not be considered as 'punctuation'; Because there is no intention of pausing only the statement of brackets here, it is also possible to sleep in the Innermost Room! However Dr. Champakbhai Modi and Dr. In the punctuation chapter of the book 'Linghudhuddhi and Writing Skills' written and compiled by Bella Shah, the brackets are used in the language and they have been given place in the list of punctuation marks.
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