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Jan 17, 2019

Std.7 Hindi Sem.2 Unit test Paper PDF File

While the 'fees' regulation law has been implemented for the private schools in Gujarat, it is known that the decision to prosecute the Kannidae of the 73 schools of Gujarat which does not affede to the fee-fixing committee set up by the Gujarat government is being processed. The hearing on the issue of fee regulation for private schools was held in the Supreme Court. Kanidai Lakshya, which has been given till the second week of February in . In the hearing, the government has submitted to the Supreme Court that in Gujarat, 73 schools have not proposed 'affidavit' on 'Fee' Kannidae Lake. The Supreme Court has told the government to take action against such schools. The state government will send notice to such schools. According to the sources of the Kannada Leo Saurashtra Private School Fee Pricing Committee, all schools in Saurashtra, including Rajkot, have proposed an affidavit, Kannidai Lakki. There are no schools of Rajkot in 73 schools.

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