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Jan 17, 2019

Std.8 Hindi Sem.2 Unit test Paper PDF

government primary school has proved that the private schools in large-scale marketing, which are good education, have a good education. This school is taught all things including exams, prajjets, homework, and in today's digital era this school is proud to be the first Google school of the country.
Bani Dhawan, Head of Education, Google India, has a direct communication with the children of this school, and the children of this school are responding to the question that 'Black Board and Google Classes are the ones that make you enjoy'. Google has more fun in the class. After giving a reply, the children immediately ask Bani Dhawan in every question that Madam will again talk to us and in response to this, 
The children of this government primary school in Gujarat. talk directly by hangouts at Delhi-based Head Bani Dhawan, because the Google Future Classroom has been started at this school, which is the first in the country. All types of digital and modern technologies are available in this class, including 30 laptops, one touch screen projector, WiFi, earphone and web camera. The school has its own language. The name is a domain name. Each student's name has been e-mailed to it and training for the use of classroom applications has been given to teachers.
Regarding this, the District Development Officer  says that the Google Future Classroom is run on the joint venture of IL & Education and Google. A student of standard 6 to 8 offers an online test, an online project is done, homework is also given to the student by e-mail. Google classrooms, Gmail Mail, Forms, Seats, Slides, Hangouts are used by students of applying. In the new technology, the student is so interested in the fact that after school, the student is coming to the school and the number is increasing gradually.

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