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Jan 19, 2019

TAT Manovigyan MCQ PDF .2

Definition and Explanation of Psychology: Ancient philosophers and modern psychologists have given different definitions of psychology. The basic definition of psychology is based on the definitions of the above: 

What is the experience? (What is Experience?): Psychology is interested in studying person's experiences. Eg. They study experiences like swan, sleep, and meditation. The origin of the person's experiences is in his conscious state. 

What is behavior? (What is Baheviour?): Psychologists study all forms of human behavior. They study reflex actions, reactions, futures, inner feelings and behaviors. Such behaviors arise from internal incidences and external stimuli. Psychologists use the term stimulant and reaction while studying behavior. 'Reaction' means literal or non-verbal activities that can be observed by a person. 'Uddeepak' means the activity that is causing the reaction.

What is science? (What is Science?): Psychologists use a scientific method to study the mental processes, experiences, and behavior of a person. Psychologists accept scientific criteria such as systemic monitoring, analysis and interpretation in their various studies and try to develop scientific theories to understand the different aspects and behaviors of human behavior. Psychology gives their true identity through scientific method by removing misconceptions and false beliefs.

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