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Jan 19, 2019

TAT Manovigyan MCQ PDF.3

Subject matter is the behavior of human beings. Psychology is a science studying the external, internal, physical, and psychological behavior of humans. Human behavior is critical. Psychology studies human behavior, studies its scientific perspective. Psychology collects information about its contents through various learning methods and identifies its practical solutions by acquiring understanding of various problems of human life. Definition and Explanation of Psychology: Ancient philosophers and modern psychologists have given different definitions of psychology. 

1. H. E. According to Garrett, "Psychology is a science studying the behavior of monogamous and monogamous animals in the context of the atmosphere."

2. According to CT Morgan, "Psychology is the science of human beings and animal behavior." 

3. According to Hill Guard and Atkinson "Psychology is a scientific study of all mental and physical activities of the human being." The reaction occurs because of the interaction between stimulants and animal body and mental processes. Eg. The teacher asks the student a question and the student answers the question. Here the teacher's question is 'stimulating' and the student's response is 'reaction'. Psychologists examine the behavior of a person at different levels to understand the person's behavior. Eg. Personal behavior, grouping, conglomerate behavior, organized behavior, interpersonal behavior, interpersonal behavior etc., sometimes the meaning of behavioral change is also changed. Eg. It is considered appropriate to jump on the playground: but if the same behavior is done on Sophoset in the house it is considered inappropriate. This is why the context of behavior is kept in mind while studying behavior. 

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