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Feb 17, 2019

Arshad Warsi is now debuting in the digital world

Arshad Warsi has started his career since 1996. She is also a playback singer, television presenter and producer, not just an actor. However, in the 'Munna Bhai MBBS' with Sanjay Dutt, he had hit the circus with a circular character.

Arshad has added one more hangover in his career. She is now debuting in the digital world. Arshad has decided to work in the web series. It works in web site 'Asura'. He said in the matter that I loved the story of this series. This was a superior script.

I had no reason to decline this offer. Yes, I had a wish that I would do something different, which I do not have to get such an opportunity in films anymore. However, I have made a decision that I do not have to comedy in the web-series. I will finish the work that I would like to take seriously in working in the web series. Viewers will only be seen in my comedy movies.

Arshad does not have any interest in politics. It is personally believed that the actors should not be interested in politics. It is necessary to have a 'different mind' to enter politics, if you do not have that skill, then you should not go to politics. I have nothing to do with politics and will not be there. I love a straightforward life. I do not like any compliances in my life.

Arshad is a 14-year-old son and an 11-year-old girl. Talking about his family, Arshad says that my children will be with me almost three or four years now. Then both of them will go on their own way. So now I want to spend as much time with them as possible.

Talking about his son and daughter, Arshad says, my son has no meaning with glamor, fame etc. But my daughter seems to be posed in front of the camera. By the present nature, it seems that she is a hero of the type of heroine. I think you have a tilt towards the film industry. It may also go into acting. But my son is interested in football, video games, travel, kungfu, etc. The choice of both brothers and sisters is quite different.

Arshad has played various characters in a silver screen, but the comedy is prominent. Talking about his comedy character, Arshad says, comedy films are becoming more and more. Eight of the ten films are comedy. Even if a serious film is made, it is kept in a screenplay or a basic mood comic.

As Akshay Kumar's padman looks at any other film, he has a comedy along with Sirius. People prefer to watch comedy as well as action in films. Then there is no difference between an action comedy or a romantic comedy. Apart from this, now it has to become horror-comedy films too.

During the career, Arshad has made many films with affection. For these films, he did not give much importance to script, character or remuneration. Only the filmmakers need it, they emphasize that they do many films. However, Arshad is not willing to do this now.

In this regard, it seems true to Ranbir Kapoor. Once Ranbir said that no one should make films for Yari-Dosti, doing this is like betraying his fans. Today, Arshad is feeling true about this. Now she does not even want to do such films.

Now, he clarifies that there are very few films, he says that the script of good films does not come only. It does not seem to work that a Bakawas script is coming. The character also needs to be worthy of us. That's why my zza movies are not coming.

Talking about 'Me To Movement', Arshad says, 'This is a good movement. It is different from who is punished, distressed, lost, and damaged. But one positive thing to do about this movement is that after this no man will not be compelled with any woman. There may be many who tried to raise the disadvantage of this movement, so many would be guilty. But one thing is certain that after this most women will now be safe.

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