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Feb 17, 2019

Primary school Principal Rules Paripatra | 14 District's GR in 1 PDF

In general, who can be given the charge of principal and what are the rules for that? Many people have a question about this. And this is often why many people are demanding a circular. This circular will be very useful for them. Who is to charge the teacher in charge of the master teacher ie school? All these circulars have been placed in the same pdf file which have been circulated from 14 districts of different states on this subject. Keep it simple so that you can get it easily so that you will be useful in future too. This circular is a reference to the instructions issued from the state level to find the charge of the principal. Often, if a teacher does not agree to charge a teacher, who is to charge the principal at that time? It becomes an important question .At the time the teacher does not want to charge the principal, he will have to obtain an affidavit from the teacher. In which he will not be able to make a claim for the charge of the acharya even now in the future. The disclosure-of-affirmation of this matter should be given to the teacher after the teacher, but often many people do not realize that such a small thing. This circular will be helpful in many such cases. Many such information is placed regularly on this website. So keep on visiting regularly. Also, the material for preparing for a competitive examination has been put into the PDF file. It will be useful to all, share this information with your friends also.Primary school Principal rules,Principal Charge rules gr. 

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