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Feb 16, 2019

Bio-Data - The first ever bio-data for interview

Bio-Data - The first ever bio-data for interview

The first time you have a Bio-data or 'Detail Application Form' in the preparation of personality test. Members of the interview board get your first acquaintance through your application form. And it can be said that 'First Impression is the Last Impression'! The application form becomes your first introduction to.

Members of the board first start discussions with you by looking at your candidature. Thus, the candidature can be appropriately estimated from the KDeetail application form, that the members of the board will ask what questions! Interview phase is endangered when most candidates count the application form as normal.

          UPSC After passing the preliminary examination, this form has to be filled. The interview begins with the questionnaire. Let us discuss the types of questions that can be asked of its various issues!

           If your name is associated with a known person, you can ask questions about it. Or what does your name mean? What language is it? There is no agreement or anything in it.

           Any national or international incident made on the date of your birth, if any national day has been declared or if there is a great birthday also about birthday! In addition to writing your birthdate, there are some well known issues such as 420, 911, 2611, 1947 and so on.

           Your correspondence address - the names of the society, route, area covered by it, if it is associated with a known person, or if there are any words such as villa, acropolis, mansion etc., then it is from what language it means. What can be the number of six digits of Pincodes showing what the issue is? If your city or village is in discussion at any time, then there are questions related to it. If you are a native of the village, then government schemes of village village development and migration from villages to cities can be discussed.

          Social category, such as Scheduled Castes, Tribe etc., have to show your category. In 'Do you believe in reservation?' Questions like this can happen!

              If unmarried, many questions are not asked in this subject, but if you are married, would you have taken dowry for male candidates? What is your wife's business? Have questions like? How to balance women's accountability and family responsibilities? If there was an interfaith marriage, did any problem arise?

Thus, from the above discussion, we can understand that the first 'bio-data' analysis should be analyzed for personality test. This will provide true direction for preparation. It is inappropriate to expect to know the world as long as the person does not know about himself!

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