Feb 16, 2019

Who wakes up - he is god

The occasion of Gandhiji (Who wakes up - he is god)

Gandhiji was away from Champaraya. Night train Keepers were cautious to get a restful sleep The volunteers did not let anyone go to Gandhiji's compartment. The servants themselves slept around.

But in the night, the servants moved on the hitch. And entered into a farmer compartment from the middle station. A farmer says, 'Do you understand the carriage of a father?' Move on Let's sit down. '

Gandhiji wakes up The farmer recognized Feel the feet. He started singing a song: Dhanvand Gandhiji Maharaj crossed the Naiya Maharaja Desh Mande Hoga Teera Raj Dhanwan Gandhiji Maharaj was a farmer himself as Gandhi Bhagat and he used to go to hear Gandhiji's speech. He also wanted to live with Gandhiji.

With Gandhiji, he suddenly got into a friendship. Gandhiji says: 'Friend! This car is not my father, but we will make him our father. Thank you for raising me. Today I got to know about my peers. '

If Batia came, people started shouting 'Gandhiji Zindabad Gandhiji Amar Rao'. The flowers began to flutter.

Gandhiji says: 'Stand up. Today is a special person with me. Who has blew me and your sleep. Has made us awake. First of all welcome the farmer's guru! '

It is said that after Kishen Kishchand, he remained with Gandhiji. In the matter of farmer, farming, soil, Gandhiji used to get his practical advice. Kishan says: 'Bapu! I got God in the middle of the night. '

Bapu says: 'I got a Guru awakening in the middle of the night. Me and my colleagues The one who wakes up is the God. '
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