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Feb 16, 2019

Item song: An indispensable part of Bollywood movies

Item song: An indispensable part of Bollywood movies

Shah Rukh and Malaika's item 'Kaal' were successful in taking the viewers back to the time of 'Dilse'. This item has got a lot of noise. At one time, the item song was a story of actresses like Helen, Bindu and Pariyal, but today's top heroes are waiting to make a heroine item song.

Today Hero-Heroine's item songs have become an integral part of the films. Shilpa Shetty in 'Shool', Rima Sen in 'A', Urmila Matandkar in 'Lajja', 'Fiza' and 'Kissena' in Sushmita Sen, 'Khaki', Lara Dutta won the Woman's Wife by playing an item song.

However, today's item song is compelling to be irresistible in every film. But in the '60s and' 70s, Helen was the only actress to appear in every film to show her influence in the item song. In other words, it was difficult to find an actor best than Helen at that time.

One of Helen's songs was heavy on the whole film. The success of Sholay's 'Mehbooba' song can not be mistaken for Helen's contribution. At that time there was a specific image of every artist and artists rarely dared to come out of this film, but this boundary line has now disappeared. Alone the hero Vamp, the item girl is surrey. The speaker has changed a lot.

Excerpts of saying that the power of Narayan, the head of the heroine of today, plays a major role in limiting this limitation. And yes, some heroine's top directors try to make the director happy with an item song to play a leading role in the next film.

In 'Jabang', Rekha danced on the song 'Ek Tho Kam Jindagi' and made the hit song 'Saatche Geet' too. At that time, Rekha played the lead role. And despite being a superstar, he dared to make an item song. Before this, Mumtaz also provided an inspiration to itemize the item in a film directed by Jitendra and Leena Chandavarkar, and would not be surprised if Rekha provided inspiration to do item dancing. Because, when Mumtaz performed this item song, he was also a superstar.

Today, Isha Kopikar, Yana Gupta, Gauhar Khan, Koyna Mitra, Sameera Reddy, Priyanka Chopra, Mahima Chaudhary, Sushmita Sen Many actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Lara Dutta have danced the item. The first film did not give the popularity to the North. But the 'Khalas' item song will make Iran's name introspective. Similarly, Shamita Shetty does not remember the popularity of 'Mere Yar Ki Shadi Hai''s 'Shara Shararah ...' as she has given her some other films.

Now most of the item girl is keen to play a role in getting the opportunity to act, and Koyna Mitra and Isha Kopikar now refuse the offer to dance the item, emphasizing the role of the actress.

It is not possible to deny that an item girl is growing today. And when the item song is to be a popular actress, the popularity of the movie increases and this item song does not reduce the image of the heroes. This is the heroine's claim.

If the girls coming in today's films want to fill in the huge fluctuations in their films, and this short route to gain popularity guarantees their success then it is natural that they do not have any problem in it.

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