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Feb 4, 2019

School ma Gerhajar students mate Pagla leva babat Gr 4.2.2019

The student has to be a primary responsibility class, over time, to increase his / her chances for success.
Numerous studies have a strong relation between absenteeism and absence of poor litterability and are harmful to the learning environment. S. Tudents who regularly appear and show up on time for the class to create a positive education space for themselves and others. Students, fathers, teachers, learning leaders, coaches, student services and administrators all have shared responsibility. Our attendance guide students are directed towards making solutions for the conflict.
Pre-15 Absence: Continued contact with the student and his family will take place using support from parents, teachers, student services and administration. Families break the extended school during the prohibition of strong booking family holidays or during the school year. Regular attendance / lates check home logic for daily updates. Absence must be required (illness, family emergency, etc.), Students are encouraged to e-mail teachers or ask fellow-beginners to take homework.
15 + absence: retreating students - a student who has passed the course will be enrolled in the class. The course is failing and the excess absence of a student who will be withdrawn. A student is under the age of 16, is required to withdraw parental consent. Students retreat are always consulted with the student, parents, student services, teachers and the AP.

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