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Feb 3, 2019

School ma Lady Teacher e Sadi paherva Babat DPEO GR Dahod

The primary schools has come out against the controversial circular of Taluka Primary Education Officer of Limkhheda. In the circular, Taluka Primary Education Officer has instructed the women teachers that any female teacher will not be able to wear a dress, she will not be able to attend school, nor will the culprit be prosecuted on the teachers. It is worth mentioning here that the teachers were given a circular to wear Punjabi dress in school a short time ago. At that time, the teachers were asked to wear this dress, and as a result, some teachers kept copies of the circular with them. Therefore, when such a question arose, the circular was against the superior officer. The teachers have been forced to wear saris, but not in Punjabi dress in schools. Surprisingly, there has not been any circular about this by the government or the education department. However, the teachers are forced to wear saris in the name of the so-called self-reliant and for grandfathers.
Recently, newly appointed young sisters wearing a Punjabi dress wearing the next authority issued notice to them. The Chief Minister, Education Minister, Women's Principal Secretary of Education Department, etc. have been written in this order that the teachers should be forced to wear compulsory saris in schools. And allow the teachers to wear salwar-kamiza, misfortune to come to school.

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