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Feb 1, 2019

TAT 2019 Result Atfer Solve Result Mistake

TET was conducted by the State Examination Board for qualifying examination of secondary teachers across the state. In which more than 1.47 lakh candidates appeared for the examination. A few days after the completion of this examination, the State Examination Board had complained of leakage of the paper and on which basis police investigation was going on. In which the paper has been leaked and due to the government order the state examinations board examined earlier The December-January and will be subject to re-examination in all media.
1.90 lakh candidates were enrolled in the state for the Tata Examination and in which more than 1.47 lakh candidates in more than 16 subjects with English, Hindi and Gujarati medium got a written examination in the major cities of the state from July 12 to July 12. A few days after this examination, the state The examination board was complained that the examination paper was a day of examination in Aravali district Gauge was leaked and it was prepared and given to some candidates. Following that, the statements of the teachers who were lodged in the examination by the police of Aravali district and examined CCTV footage and examined the mobile records, conducted a thorough investigation. The State Examination Board has announced the cancellation of the examination today. However, due to the leakage of this paper, 1.42 lakh candidates of all the subjects of Gujarati medium are likely to be affected due to the scrutiny of all the subjects of Gujarati medium. Examination of 5 to 6 thousand candidates of English medium and Hindi medium has not been canceled. Now again in December or January will be examinations and Its date and time will be announced later. Now that the renewal registration and the earlier jets Of candidates are registered, they do not have to pay any fees.

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