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Feb 2, 2019

Computer Free Book Download in Gujarati

"I did not know English, so there was a lot of difficulty in learning the computer. If I have difficulty learning the computer because of English, then the students of Gujarat have had difficulty in learning the computer.

"Understanding this, I have written a book containing complete details of step-by-step information in Gujarati language, which has no charge, you are here Free can download
 It is very important for people of all ages to know a computer in this era. In such a case, the computer expert has to take the help of classics or computer to learn the computer. Generally older people or women are ashamed to learn a computer. Keeping this in mind, a book has been prepared which will train the computer without any help from anyone. Hope this book will be useful, if we like this book, then share our website with others too. This useful information is placed on this website, so keep visiting regularly. Along with the preparation of competitive examinations, the materials are also placed.Ms office in word in Gujarati,,Ms Office powerpoint in Gujarati,Ms office Excel in Gujarati,windows tutorial PDF in Gujarati 

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