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Feb 16, 2019

Today, millions of leopard TVs Artists' first earnings

Today, millions of leopard TVs Artists' first earnings
Artists getting popularity in the television industry are earning millions of episodes. However, you may be surprised to know about their first earnings.

Divyaanka Tripathi: Yeh Hai Mohabbat First earning - 250 rupees.

The actress made her first acting at an event in Bhopal. In return, he was paid Rs. 250 as a monthly payment. However, the actress says that she has not passed the check of Rs 25-odd rupees received today. The first earning is very important for this, the actress said.

Lopa Mudra Rout:
Showbiz's 10th Season
First earning 5000

7 years ago Actress participated in a fashion show. The show's show was Stopper Sushmita Sen. The show's owner gave Lapa Padra 5000 rupees for a ram walk. From this rupee he celebrated remuneration before treating friends.

Karan Patel: Show - Yeh Hai Mohabbatte
First earnings: 6000

The actor had made his career by advertising a bank. For which he had recovered as much as 6000 rupees.

Hope Negi:
First earning Rs 3500

The actress made her first earnings while studying in a college in Dehradun. Then that track b. P. Was working in O And every month we got 3500 rupees as salary. She put her first salary in her mother's hand. However, some of these moms returned her to her mother. The device used to give a party to nearby friends.

Shashk Vyas: Shaw Balika More
First earnings 1100

When Shashank was in the first year of college, she wanted to buy a new denim jeans for her birthday. For this, he decided not to take money from his parents. To do this, he worked for ten days in a mall to give information about various offices running there. For this work, he got 1100 rupees. And with this money he bought denim.

Hina Khan: Show -
Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai
First earning - 45000

The actress got 45 thousand rupees for her first show, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Who had spent the money taken by the cellphone for his parents.

Ravi Dubey: Show - Jamaati King
First earnings: 20,000 rupees

The actor got his 20,000 rupees from the first advertisement of his career. He bought gifts for his family from this first earning.

Neha Marda: Show: Dolly Armano Key
First earnings: 1.35 lakh

Neha had received one lakh rupees thirty thousand rupees for the first time.

From which he had spent Rs. 101 on the other side for the Lord.

Sharad Malhotra:
Show - Maharana Pratap
First earnings: 25000 rupees

In the year 2000, for the first time, the first shoot was for the Reliance SIM card. For which, the actor got 2500 rupees in the first place. Who had spent gifting him.

Rashmi Desai: Show Up
First earnings: 1000 rupees

Rashmi started a photo shoot for a hair company in the beginning of the career. For which he met a thousand rupees. He used this earning to buy saris for the mother.

Tina Dutta: Show - Uttaran
First earnings: 500 rupees

When Tina was four and a half years old, she participated in a play for which she was given 500 rupees. This money was purchased for the money.

Shradha Arya: Show - Dream Girl
First earnings: 10,000 rupees

Shraddha shot an ad for a detergent. It received a remuneration of 10,000 rupees as compensation.

In the joy of being able to shoot the first ad, he spent this amount to fast his house in a luxury hotel.

Rhythm Dogra: Show- Limit
First earnings: 1000 rupees

Actress earned a thousand rupees by interpolating during college. After collecting the months of thoda months, Rithhi went to Goa with friends.

Thus, artisans who earn a modest amount of 250 or so in the beginning of the career, are now reaching the peak of success and earning millions of crores.

Mohamed Najim:
Show - Saath Nabha Saathiya

First earning - 5000 rupees

Mohammed took part in the first fashion show. The person whose remuneration was found to be worth 5000 rupees. This first earning was given to her mom.

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