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Feb 16, 2019

Kapil Sharma is taking treatment for 'indigestion' removal

Kapil Sharma is taking treatment for 'indigestion' removal
It is said that it is very difficult to digest success. In spite of that, who has made a steep struggle, if he does not stick his foot with the ground then surely it will be stuck. In the case of actor-comedian Kapil Sharma, this is true of sixteen. Kapil Sharma, who came from the lower middle class, achieved the distance in the comedy area, as well as the people who were at the fingertips.

But Kapil did not know this success. And he got rid of his colleagues by boasting in arrogance. Kapil's fall began with the incident in March, during the Hawaii tour. As a result, he came to Tension and became drunk.

After all, his health stops. The shooting of his show was canceled. As a result, Chanel and Kapil decided to take a break for a while. And at the present stage, the comedian - actor is taking treatment in a Ayurvedic hospital in Bangalore.

Kapil said that now I am detoxifying my body. And after returning to Mumbai by the end of this month, I will work again. We have given a small break to my show. It has not been curtained on. Also, my film 'Firangi' is being released in November. So I want to be as soon as possible.

After Kapil misbehaved with his co-workers, there are continuous negative news releases in the media about it. But told the comedian that all this is wrong. Actually I have been working on a last decade.

For my work, I will travel frequently, shooting together two episodes of my show, shooting movies and eating health and diet without getting all the work done. It also says that the media wrote a lot of misconception about me.

It was also written that after I refused to shoot, Bollywood stars had to return to the shooting place. But I am not so stupid that I look back to top actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgan. He knew about my problem. So he did not get wrong.

However, the funny thing is that on one hand Kapil said that due to health reasons, shooting of his shows was canceled. And on the other side also said that 'I was stuck. But now I have taken care of myself. ' He also said that if I get cured, then I will be working more powerful than before and work my job. But at the present stage, forgive me and pray for me. He added that I am a very emotional person.

If I feel that everything does not cross over, then I am quite calm. I have never tried to market my. I have paid a heavy price for the debate with my colleagues during the plane travel. Yes, everything written about me in the media was not true.

Preeti Simon, a former Creative Director of 'Comedy Nights with Kapil', has been associated with Kapil Sharma for a long time. But the break between them was not friendly. After the departure of Premi Simon and Kapil, Kapil's decline was very uneasy. Later, Preeti started her 'Drama Company' show with her sister. Kapil also said that I never told anyone to separate from me.

When Sunil was leaving me, I told him that we could work better together. I was convinced that I am working hard to run my show. So when he returned, I welcomed him. I have always believed that I should work with good artists. So even in the future, if you want, you can come to work with me.

I will welcome them. Unless it is talked about, it has long been connected with me. At that time I welcomed it. And I did not stop it when he wanted to leave me. I want it to showcase success.

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