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Feb 16, 2019

TowerHeight: Where is $ 20 million hid?

TowerHeight: Where is $ 20 million hid?
Something worth $ 20 million is hidden in an apartment in New York's expensive residential tower. Some employees of the tower have come together to steal the money. The stupidity of the stealth and the comedy created during that time is TowerHeight ..

A posh residential tower stands in the posh area of ​​New York. Here are all the richest people who are wealthy. There is a lot of staff to monitor the tower.

Josh Kowak is the manager of the tower, is a lift operator, has security guards, cooks, reception staff, other small and big job assistants. He has one-and-a-half-dozen staff, who keeps the tower in full swing. As a manager, all of them are in the hands of Josh.

The upper floor of the tower is a grandfather named Arthur Shaw. Dada is in the age, but he is a victim of despair. They eat a special type of burger and bath in the air on their own swimming pool. There is no shortage of money. One day CCTV cameras showed that Vans Arthur shows in the parking area are being taken aboard. On seeing this, the manager ran behind Josh Gardi. The train got beaten up and the show came out of it, along with FBI woman officer Clare Denham caught on her.


Because Mr Shaw was in love with the appearance of a kidnapping.


Because Mr Shaw has misappropriated $ 2 billion worth of money. Shows were invested by collecting money from many people. He drowned all those money. That is why the show was in the process of being raucous.

The show was presented to the FBI by the FBI and then interned. In the meantime, seeing all the staffing staff, giving a tragic news. Accordingly, Mr. Tower's employees were allowed to invest Mr Pension in the tower's money. That is, the money went now. What to do? Employees working in the tower are quite common.

Why is it going to be immersed by Josh Bhool and Sho Cheating? Josh was very angry, so he went to Mr Sho's apartment and broke it with his sister Priya Ferrari. What is the amount of money lost in anger? And now, Mr Shaw, Josh is also going to take action. Josh goes to jail or goes to the show. Anyway, the damages of the tower are only for the employees.

He decided that at the cost of the tower employees should not be harmed at any cost. On the other hand, the show has lifted hands. Joshi-friendly FBI Lady Clare advised her to do what she wants to do. Because the holidays will be completed and the court opens, the show will get bail. After that he will be jailed for you. At the same time Josh came to know that the show had saved only $ 20 million in the apartment somewhere. If you have to divide the money then it will be taken away with the money. Let's hit it on 20 million.

Josh was manager but now it has been removed. Even though he has his friends in the apartment. One is the only one. There are other colleagues. However, there is no thief. So first to find out how to steal, Josh Slide is a full-time, time-detective thief. It will be seen that the old files have been found by the researcher that Mr Shaw had recently renovated his apartment. At that time a thick wall was made between them. The treasury should be hidden in the wall.

The main thief begins to offer slide training. First of all, the slide gives the work of four colleagues to steal something from this mall in 15 minutes. All went to the wallet table because they did not work and bought and could not present it as a theft. In a little while, everyone came to steal who knew his own way, succeeded. When he returned, Slide said that good, but you have stolen flags, while I've got cash worth $ 264.


All of your wallet! After that, the slide explained the first rule of thievery that, never (like me), a thief may not be able to put your trust in it. Many such comedies are all gathered together. When you go to a restaurant, you take a cock for a drink, so do not have to pay the bill!

The team had been dispersed till the time of thieves after small training. Some did not have the courage, somebody got a job in the tower. So? Theft can not be stopped even if done. Many employees' money is spent.

The day that Mr Show was presented in court was selected for the theft. On one hand, FBI Lady Claire reached the court on Mr Show, on the other hand all these arrived at Mr Shona's apartment. Maha-Mehnde broke the wall, fortunately the treasury was there. Whenever you open the treasury, you know that there is a treasury, but there is no money in it!

Where did the money go? Tired of working hard? Now what should we do? At that point everyone was shocked and angry, someone shot him. The pudding .. The pill struck the Ferrari there. At that time it was known that Ferrari's red color is a gold structure below. That means that Mr Shaw was paired with Ferrari by creating gold parts rather than keeping cash in cash. That is, Ferrari was the only gold. So now?

On the other hand, Mr Shaw and the FBI official, who arrived at the judge's house, were told that you came to hear on Thanksgiving on the Thanksgiving Day? So he went back home. Ferrari must be removed from here only till all these return, why should the ferris be removed from an apartment which is high in the tower? By adjusting the lift above ..

20 million was to be stolen, but Ferrari is $ 45 million. Now get rid of Ferrari from here. By the time Mr Shaw returned, it was successful in missing Ferrari. But after a while all caught up.

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