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May 10, 2019

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The cultural and historical heritage of Gujarat is about 1000 years old. Its medium of expression has been Gujarati language and has been the supreme worshiper of Gujarati people, literature and art in the country or abroad. 

The various Germanic languages ​​of Houston are sitting on the upper throne of the language. With this consciousness, our Gujarati literature Sarita has been continuously trying to make a unique moonlight in the language of Potala. Now it is trying to make this new and different points an Indus.
The period from 9th to 9th century AD is considered as the medieval period of Gujarati literature till Diyaram. Dayaram is the last of the medieval and dalpatram in the presence of his first poet. Both parties are a mercy and a lotus (lotus) 'Ram'! Here today we will learn about three phases of modern literature - the reformer / Pandit era / the first in modern age.
1] Kanhaiyalal Munshi has not only said "improvement gardener" to Narmada, but the entire phase has been considered as 'Narmad Yug' but there has been a rise in popularity of poetry, from the poet's father 'Bapani Pipar'!
2] The era of medieval devotional creators lies with the death of Ghabi's singer Dayaram (1852), which is very bright of the era.
3] Three major pilgrims of the Upayogag are Dalpatram, Narmada and Nawalram.
4] In 1845, 'Bapani Pipar' was published by poetry, 'Dattatram', 'Shree Ganesha' of modern literature.
5] Since 1955, the very bright star Narmad of Udaya-era is born. In the literature of Gujarati literature, "Dandiyo" (the name that was started by the name of the name), he opened many fields of literature; Hey!
6] As the Midle Gujarati creators were like devotees, there were almost all the reformers of the earliest periods of the first phase of the reformer.

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