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May 10, 2019

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Because the mind is the one who has kept the future (and even in the past). To be sure, the mind remains in different types of ideas for it to exist. Observe the mind - "stand up, your food is a 'thought'.
Give me your food If the thought is to be done, then present it to the mind - "What should I do?"
"What will happen?" - Leave it on the nature of God
Prakriti is exactly the same as God, because its energy source is God
And God is all capable (being able to make all the creatures from zero), because He is not born (because of birth and not death) is immortal (due to time constraints of lack of time), it does not need anything to time ( to be perfect because it is absolute) Is honest, (because of the support of all) is omniscient
So, believe in faith and faith that whatever (through prakruti) will do good for its part (creatures).
Thus, freeing your mind from future anxiety, calm down, presently being positioned in the realm, act in the right direction. If you use the mind only, it will be your friend or else the enemy is a enemy.
Greek is made up of psyche and logos. = (Psychology-Psychology)
-Psyche (psychi) means spirit and logos (logs) means science. Thus, initially called "the science of the soul"
Definition of Psychology
1. "Psychology is the Science of Man and Animal Behaviors." - C. C. Morgan
2. "Psychology is a scientific study of all mental and physical activities of humans." - Hillgard Atkinson
3. "Psychology is a science studying the behavior of humans and homosexuals in the context of the atmosphere." - HIVGaret

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