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May 13, 2019

Ph.D.Admission 2019 Notification

In Gujarat Vidhyapith, ph.D. If you want to do it, then the online entry form for it has started filling. Here is the full information for this. Here's a happy news for the subscribers. The announcement for this has come. Teacher means the future of the nation. Youth and nation are in the hands of the teacher. Chanakya has said very true that teacher satta is not normal. Our Gujarati education and literature world has received such a priceless and noble personality. In the form of Pratap Pandya If you go to list the names of someone specially entitled in the literature of the literature in the literature world, then Dr. Pratap Pandya's name comes in the forefront with flurry.
Mangalayam Prabhat with golden rays on January 23, 1955. On this day, 65% marks in the primary schooling examination of Amreli and passed the PTC examination. With the aim of spreading the knowledge of education in the field of education, they came to cut folklore, narrow passage. Originally, Bhatta Bhatt asked Pratapbhai to awaken from where he was sleeping, and intent to come to Lok Bharati. Pratapbhai expressed his desire to join the people who introduced him to Lokbharati. Originally, Father took Pratapbhai's finger from his father's warmth and affection, and inspired Pratapbhai to walk on the path of education-literature. Pratapbhai, honored with the refinement and popular manners of the people of the country, provided his education-knowledge services in the inner villages of Saurashtra, as a teacher by joining the Lok Bharati. Further, Pratapbhai also got multiple awards and honors for his service to a true teacher community.
On the other hand, Pratapbhai Pandya was given the Gujarat University for his reading and study of books. Received a Ph.D. degree from the University of Ahmedabad for the dissertation on 'the maintenance of human values ​​in folk literature'. Thus, in 2001, at the age of 63, he got the degree of Ph.D., Pratapbhai Pandya ... Dr. Pratapbhai was known as Pandya.

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