May 12, 2019

standard 6 to 8 NCERT Maths Textbook

NCERT Maths textbook standard 6 to 8 download softcopy.these books are useful for CTET Exam. It has been decided to organize the sitet examinations for the appointment of teachers who have studied upto class 8 to standard one year. Yet this exam was held twice a year. According to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Human Resources Development Ministry has been informed that as a result of organizing several such exams, there was already a lot of pressure on them. CBSE organizes JEE Mains and Medical examinations for Medical for a Mastering. The Board recently recommended to hold the National Eligibility Test (Net) examination held once a year in a year. Through this examination, recruitment is made to Assistant Professor. A senior CBSE senior official has said, that when a large exam is organized once a year, it is not appropriate to hold the examination of the net and sitet twice in a year. These are the big exams. This requires huge resources. Apart from this, the students who take the exam twice because of the examination twice a year do not appear more serious. CBSE, Human Resource Development Ministry, National Council of Teachers for Education has decided that the examination of the sitet will now be organized once a year. At present, this exam is held twice a year in February and September, in which about 9 lakh students remain in place each year. Of course, this has not been decided yet, in which month the exam will be held.
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