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Jun 16, 2019

Computer Theory Notes PDF

In order to get technical knowledge in the era of today's technology, the poor children of the remote areas can get together with the people. Amitbhai Chawda, the modern lab MLA of the computer was opened in a modern bus by a company DDI and other company's World on Wheels project. Moreover, Amitbhai Chavda has children who are studying at primary schools in the backward villages of the state

This project has been implemented for the purpose of acquiring computer knowledge and making good progress in society and in life. Buses will be placed under this project in all the villages of the state's backward areas in the coming days. Through which students can gain knowledge Efforts will also be made to maintain basic education with technology. In the state of Gujarat, for the past some time, the knowledge of modern education is being given to the students by incorporating computer in primary education. But children from backward and vernacular areas may have seen a computer, but the dream of operating it has not been futile. The project to provide free-of-cost computer education to primary level students in their area was carried out by the computer sector Hewlett Packard. A modern computer lab has been developed in the modern bus system called World on Wheels. Laptops, screens, for the computer teacher have been made available in electric, generator and solar buses. In this, Project Incharge (HP, EDI), Pranay Shukla said that the standard computer lab in the modern bus has a syllabus of all subjects of standard 1 to 1 r in the computer. Students will be given information of different courses in about 20 hours for every one hour of every day. A total of 160 students will be trained on computer in a batch of 20 books in a batch. The support card for students coming to study in this unique bus will also be removed. According to the number of needy students in various areas of Anand district, the bus route will be decided

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