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Jun 19, 2019

May -June Current affairs PDF

The spread of Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi and English languages ​​has become digital and according to social trends, the authors are trying their imagination while doing writing art, while following this digital plate form, and following the global thinking, currents can take forms in future as well as the English section of Kutch University Experts said in Symposium organized by
Symposium 2018 was organized by the British Department of Kachchh University, with the aim of research in language improvement and the future due to its usefulness. Experiments in the seminar organized at the University's Faculty: Experts from other universities discussed the current trends and English research telegraph literature.

One such conclusion was found in this one-day workshop held under the chairmanship of VC Dr. Chandrasinh Jadeja that digital platform is now becoming a simple medium. Without any management, a person can present thoughts and ideas about this approach to the mind. The day-to-day events, that is, the current affairs, such discussions arising due to such digital media are prepared as capsules. Because of this, there is a kind of literary material going on.
In the event of any desire, current events or daily events will have the ability to give the form of literature. Meanwhile, Dr. Kshmira Mehta, Head of the Department of English, said that the great moment for his department was that one of the five English-language scholars has been announced with a doctorate degree. All of these five are from Vidyaritha. Two of them are cousins. Students of Ph.D. include Friendly Vyas, Kriti Vyas, Manasi Chauhan, Neerja Vasavada, Meha Sanghvi.

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