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Jun 26, 2019

Hu banu vishva Manvi Part.1

Gujarat's Asmita This book covers all types of culture of Gujarat.
Gujarat's heritage inherited. This book has been done to maintain retention. All the information about Gujrati is kept from the book. A tool to look at the human endowment is a book. There is a key book to develop discretion and dexterity. 'Knowledge is energy.' The reading is essential for the fertility of the mind. Reading enrichs the affair.
Booker's discourse opens the way for ideas. You can get the desired item through a booklet. You can go anywhere with your books, which are synonymous with knowledge of energy. Libraries of libraries have a contribution in social development. The reading of books for community development is important to the society.
Libraries as a source of information:
Libraries do basic work in Gujarat. Our luxurious heritage has been transformed into authored letter and it comes in the bookstore libraries. These books are made available to anyone in the libraries. The book collects past and present-day information and plans for the future. The glorious and glorious history of Gujarat is found in bridges. The well-equipped booklets of Gujarat, which are rich with content such as booklets, reference material, language books, management booklets etc., spread the information of the information.Every man has to be successful. Success is a good thing. The eye that sees the eye of success, is glowing in the eyes only. The first condition is to prepare for the dream of success. Tactically, only the ability is made. Something has to be done, I have to prove myself, there is no meaning to me, I want to reveal this meaning. There should be a fierce rush for success. Everyone has to know what I have to do, what is to be done. One goal is to determine. A target is against the eye. We also have to know what to do to achieve this. If nothing is left then attempts to reach Manzil. Do not do that well to do. Should be charity for preparedness. There are so many Temptations in front of us that tempt us. It does not happen that you have decided.

We have now become addicted to dates. This day will do. Start reading from tomorrow! Now go to the regular gym. We can not stay firm even in small things. The mind likes to do everything that happens. A young philosopher went to the nearby. When talking about life, the philosopher said that life should be passed on. He said to the young man, I do the same, but I fail. I love life. I wake up when the mind starts, I am sleeping when I want, I work when the mood comes. I live in my mood. Philosopher said that to live life does not mean that the mind does not have to do it. There must be alertness about which life is flowing. If you take the boat in the sea, you have to kill it. If you want to leave the boat as it is, then it will be the last time to sink. The air has to be rotated according to air. If there is a flurry, then you have to slap more loudly. Life is like that too. To live a life means to be not distracted by any situation. Do not miss the goal in any circumstances. Stay tuned to the idea that is fixed.

We learn everything, but do not learn to live life. Do you know what you believe, living life? No, it has to be learned. Time, circumstances, experiences and relationships teach you how to live your life. You have to learn to live a life lesson from this lesson. The ideas have to be developed. You have to decide the direction of life. What we learn every day, how we learn, and after learning it, we learn how to live and live our lives. One offender went to a saint. He asked the saint, what is my fault? He said, 'Your fault is so much that you do not know how to live your life!' You have not learned anything from life. If you do not learn anything, sometimes there is no problem, but if you learn to learn not to learn, then there will be hundred percent objection. People who are in jail or in a madhouse are people who have survived life. You have to learn to live life, but there are no marksheets. It is seen on the face. The marks sheet is increasing or decreasing every day. If we look at some people, then we can say that this person is living his life handkerparent! Do we ever think of how many lives we live in? Is not it worth living as a passing asset? If not, then understand that we have eaten a position in learning to live our lives. Life is so good that it constantly keeps giving you the chance to make life better. At any age, man can start living. There are no limit limits here. Need some lightness. A person who is successful in career also fails to live a life. Those who fail in life are not happy even if they are as successful. Happiness does not match any degree. I do not have any kind of pleasure course, if I feel that I have a feeling, then I should know how to live my life.

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