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Jun 26, 2019

Hu banu vishva manvi Part.2

Competitive examination is being done by the Government of Gujarat for the new recruitment. A candidate seeking good marks in this examination is selected for the job. There was something different in the past. Today, bright candidates were wrongly done a few years ago. But now the positive attitude of the Government of Gujarat has got transparency in government recruitment. As a result, the brightest candidates of poor households can easily get jobs by their hard work. The right candidate gets the opportunity. Some useful PDF files are placed here on this website for those candidates preparing for such competitive exams. There will be no charge at all. You can read your mobile, computer or laptop at your own time. And for this you do not have to spend any extra money. The information related to such competitive exams is placed on this website. Regularly visit this website periodically. So you will get new updates till now.
Man's faces are changing. A new version is updated on the face. Popularity is measured by how much it gets now. Dialogues are now done in comments. Laughter has begun to be exposed to emoji. Humor is now expressed with a taatok. When the tears are digital, the touch comes from the touch screen. The look of a clerk in a gif file is visible, but it does not sound like a lock. The margin is also given by the beep bip! Apps that look better than others have made man's face artificial. Emotions are now determined by who gets their status uploaded. How much work do we have to do to just good? Relationships are now encoded online.

Social Media has made all the people crazy about celebrity status. Everyone has to show what he is doing. What to eat, where to go, who was with it, all have to say. Life has become an exhibition. This is the thing of a girl. Does he love a boy? Get both of them everyday. Both families also agreed in this love and future relationship. Girl uploads photos with her delivery every day. Once the lover told him that you do not feel that you are overweight. The sweetheart said, I do not think of anything more or less. I want to show the whole world how much I love you! Love said, 'You make me realize how much you love me!' We have begun to express to each other what we should be doing to the whole world! Status has now become a digital proof of love!

Ways of expressing hate, anger, displeasure also change. There was a love between a boy and a girl. Both did not fade. Both have a breakup. The boy was not tolerated. She started walking with different girls. Provide photos and upload to social media. His donation was so similar that the old girlfriend saw and burns. Her friend once said, what are you doing this? He said that even if he does not know that you are not, then I am not Devdas. I'm having fun If you do not, then there is no difference. The friend said. You speak wrong You have a difference. If you did not have the difference then you would not have been doing such business. If you can not forget him, then go and tell him in person that he is not having fun without you. Do not play fun. If you can forget them, then do not do so. In such a way, you can not forget him. You know, a man might forget a friend, but he does not forget the enemy. How to be forgotten until the brain moves? Digital relationships have also made it difficult to forget. Every day is present on the screen. Even after removing, we continue to see profile pictures. Photos uploaded on Instagram revive everything again. The memories now remain sticky on the social media wall. While scrolling, sometimes it seems that we are scraping our hearts with our fingers. Treading on the touch screen sometimes becomes sharp. The screen can not speak, the rest will say that if you walk on your way, then maybe you could cross my throat. One day, this was a very lenient one! Where did thorns grow? These thorns are playing back to you! Have you seen your face? Your fate is tense. I'm a machine. What does this mean to me? You know, what you do is not against me, you are against yourself. The effect happens to you! You control yourself.

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