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Jun 8, 2019

ITI courses after standard 10 and 12

What are the courses of ITI after standard 10 and 12? Today, all the students and parents are concerned about this. These questions will be solved today by the information given in the Employment News published by the Government of Gujarat Information Department. This information will be useful to anyone. Share to your friends...
Life is a wonderful beauty. The beauty that keeps changing constantly Life does not like life forever. Every day, new colors and life are spreading differently. Life is sometimes surprising, sometimes it is also a shock. One of the two eyes of life is unhappy in happiness and sadness in one. The one in the other is suffering in the other. Keeping joy and shock lasts for life. Sometimes life takes us to a destination while one eye laughs and another eye is crying! Life continues to teach us lessons. Life always says that it will leave everything. Be free from all. Get rid of all the jumble. Sometimes it says that everything is adopted. All that is, is yours. Nature has created the creation of this universe only for you. There is a huge sea of ​​love within you. It has the strength to bury all. Sometimes it seems as if the whole sea has dried up. Thirst has also fallen in the bottom. Life is sometimes stuck.

There is a continuous dialogue with life. But, what does it change everyday? How much hard work to keep a good mood? Have some mercy. A little bit of compassion. Sometimes there is a quarrel with life. Now, do whatever you want to do, you have so much power in your heart! Ultimately, we have to persevere in life that we have to persecute. Like a darling Ultimately, it is ours to be like that. Where can you go away from it? I have to go back to it. It also causes us to roll back.

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