Jun 10, 2019

GPSC State Inspector Class III Paper 9.6.2019

For the recruitment of State Inspector Class III by Gujarat Public Service Commission On Sunday 9th, the primary test was conducted at various centers of the state.

In which 15,483 candidates in 60 centers in Mehsana district have given this examination. The main examination will be taken after the completion of this examination.
With competitive examinations in the state, now the recruitment marks in different departments have started. In which for the recruitment of State Inspector Class 3, the primary test was conducted on Sunday between 11 am to 1 pm. In the Mehsana district, in the total 60 schools and colleges in Mehsana, Panchot, Nilagao, Bardao, Bhandu, Unawa, Unjha, Link, Kherwa, Gozaria, Visnagar and Vijapur. GPSC was conducting statewide tax inspector examinations across the state. This examination was held in 15 districts in the state. In the examination conducted at Hariya School in Jamnagar, students coming from outside reached the examination hall at 11:02 pm, which means that it reached 2 minutes more than the required time.
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