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Jun 14, 2019

Std.10 New Paper Style 2019-20

Recently, the standard 10-paper formation and Blueprint has been modified. This decision has been taken in the interest of the students. It is true that this decision will help children to be 100 percent correct.

CBSE has modified the English-language board examination paper-style paper. According to the new paper style, the examination will be held in March 2019. The total number of questions in the new paper has been reduced from 35 to 35, while the number of MCQs and shortest questions in one section has also been reduced. Is there.

Besides this, the passage number has also been reduced. Apart from this, CBSE has also changed the vocational subjects' exams. The examination of vocational subjects will now be conducted by CBSE in February. Until then, vocational courses of standard 10 and 12 in CBSE were held in March but students were mainly The burden of the examination of the subjects will be reduced in the March exam and also the easiest to take the exam Te vocational subjects exam time table by vocational exam devayu chesibiesai previously been made public.

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