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Jun 13, 2019

Educational Orientation Program 2019 20 pdf

Earlier this year, we are conducting academic orientation programs. In this program, the topics that have passed through the study process of the last year will be repeated. But for those who are poor in reading writing and calculations, they only need to read and write reading during these days. This module gives detailed information about the ambiguity program.
The work performed during the initial fifteen days is introduced according to the day. As you all know, for children who are enrolled in school at the beginning of the new session, we create an environment that children like through various activities. This guide also contains the same purpose.It is worth mentioning that in some countries 5G testing is being done. China has given a green signal to the commercial use of 5G. After that, the exercise has begun with this technique in India. The coming of this technology will create a new era in science and technology. Samsung recently launched its first 5G smart phone in South Korea a few months ago, except for Samsung, chipset maker Qualcomm and Huvway are also working with companies like 5G. The Government of India is committed to the auction of 5G spectrum this year.
Now the speed of data in the upcoming 5G technology will be much faster. As well as it will be more than 100 times the speed 4G. This means that the download speed on the 5G connection will be 2.5 gigabit per second, while the upload speed is 1.25 gigabit per second. If you understand it in this way, suppose you want to download a 3 GB movie, if you download it on a 3G network, that movie will be downloaded in 1.8 hours. If it is downloaded on 4G, it will take 40 minutes. And if it is downloaded to 5G now, it will be downloaded in just 35 seconds.

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