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Jul 22, 2019

बिनसचिवालय परीक्षा मॉडल पेपर No.8

In October, recruitment examinations for Uncategorized Clark are coming. Today, every candidate is preparing for this exam. Practice paper plays a very important part in this preparation. If you have read and evaluated by this practice paper, meaning is better. Here Paper Solution has been prepared by the ICE Institute.
Lifestyle has changed over time. All our lives go into sedentary life. What is sweating and how much work do you do? No one likes to work harder. No matter what, everyone has the right to decide why to live and why. The tools that are made in the world are only for our happiness and our well-being. Just thinking, we don't do anything at the expense of our health, do we? How many calories do you stomach every day? How many babies are you eating as much calories? If there is no problem with burning calories if you burn it, it can spoil your health if deposited. This rule applies to both men and women.One question, who burns more calories every day, Ladies or Gentts? A recent survey says that women burn less calories than men in our country. That is why women's health and obesity problems are increasing. 

Fifty percent of the country's population burns half the calories they should burn daily. The number of women is also high. A survey conducted by a Health App about the Physical Activity Levels of Indians found that 53 percent of women burn less than 50 percent of their calories. 44 percent of men are those who burn less than half a calorie. Men burn an average of 476 calories per day and women burn an average of 374 calories per day. 30 percent of men are those who burn more than 80 percent of the calories. Survey has many other statistics, but it does not fall into it. Talk is about physical activity and health. One is that we all burn more calories in the stomach than we need every day. The intake of unhealthy food has increased. Lifestyle Disease increases as calories do not burn. Hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol have become very common. Doctors say that you eat healthy food. The traditional food we have is the best. Avoid fast food culture. Thus we all know this. The problem is that we do not take this thing seriously

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